MONSTERMADE   by   Martin Dalcourt
What's This 'Monster' All About? 
Welcome! My name is Martin Dalcourt, a longtime Halloween buff and creative ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder) member. Since 1990 or so I have dabbled in making Halloween stuff outta whatever I've collected ... (borrowed, found, dumpster-dived for get the idea...). Through other DIY prop building sites I have learned numerous technics/tricks for working with all sorts of media including wood, styrofoam, papier mache, clay, blister packaging, pvc, expanding foam, ...and the list goes on. I started off duplicating skull forms from different molded skulls I had lying around (using tinfoil, newspaper strips and paper mache paste. My other interests include horror movies, music, carpentry, fishing. When I'm not hiding in the basement concocting an alternate way to make a hand out of coathangers, cardboard & paper mache, I like to spend time with my wife, our 5 children and our indoor petting zoo: 1 dog (mini italian greyhound), 4 cats & 3 ferrets.

I also own a kj/dj service that I've been running for almost 21years: Monster Karaoke & DJ Service

Click on the hyperlink or my company logo to go my karaoke FaceBook Page.

'... Whenever I look at something, I see not only what it is but also what it could become
with a little help from the Monster.'
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